The Space of DryHope x Dunhuang Chart

POL is one of the most talented Swiss artists I’ve ever seen. And I was really glad to work with POL during his fall residency at Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai for MoCA Pavilion Project. After I sent out the event news,[MoCA Live]MoCA x Pro Helvetia: Live Soundtrack, DryHope x Dunhuang Chart by Guest Artists:POL & Banbanbanban, I’ve received so many feedbacks.屏幕快照 2016-11-14 10.36.42
POL has prepared to present Dunhuang Chart and a live sound performance with Chinese artist Ban Lei, who was participating in the “ShanShui Within” exhibition at MoCA Shanghai. Get lost in the dizzy candlelight slightly, the bell rings which interweaves the silent night. The show was incredibly interesting, and we’ve experienced the view of our earth and the music from the space. I’ve never felt that I could stand as high as this ever before.屏幕快照 2016-11-14 10.49.37


NONGFU SPRING BIANZHONG was accompanied by an electronic live soundtrack performed by Chinese musician Banbanbanban and swiss sound artist POL. For the occasion POL designed a special instrument called NONGFU SPRING BIANZHONG inspired by iron bells instruments found in every Temples of China but with 4 liters water tanks in stead of bells.屏幕快照 2017-08-31 12.02.37


DryHope, conceived as an electro-minimalistic sculpture with an unprecedented configuration hoisted above the audience, will produce a sound anagram in live. Pillar of the Geneva arts scene, POL is a versatile musician. After reinterpreting Steve Reich’s Drumming at La Batie in 2012, POL returns with DryHope, an interpretation of John Adams’ Hoodoo zephyr, which has been designed as a minimalist electro sculpture. Immersion guaranteed!屏幕快照 2016-11-14 11.21.13


DUNHUANG CHART is a multi-diffusion sonic installation designed by swiss sound artist POL. It consists of 30 different sources of sound distributed around the exhibition space. It is inspired by the Dunhuang Celestial Chart, the oldest map of the stars discovered in the world. It was written in China during the 8th century. This piece is the continuation of a long-term project around ancient astronomy, the previous works where Jantar Mantar (video/sound) and Axis Mundi (contemporary dance).屏幕快照 2016-11-14 10.00.27

POL has been an electronic music producer since the early 1990s, nesting between the persistent electro dance and the dark backstage of the post-industrial civilization. At the decks or performing live, his footprints bring him to audiences either in the techno underworld of Geneva or  clubs in Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, New York, and elsewhere around the world. POL also creates sonic installations, such as the interactive Zen garden Tactile and The Sonic Garden. His latest work is Axis Mundi, which is inspired by astronomical observatories in India.WechatIMG10

Banbanbanban is an electronic music producer who is born in 1990 in Shanghai. He has experienced classical music training since childhood and further studied film scoring in the US. However, after he graduated, he tends to use the synthesizer to create music pieces. This has brought him more freedom and instead of being regulated by the rules of classical music, the uncertainty in the synthesizer music creation attracts and fascinates him. At the same time, the traditional musical arrangement training has also made his pieces more rhythmically precise.DSCF1950

And I would thank for the Artist in Residency project by Swiss Art Council Pro Helvetia Shanghai. Pro Helvetia Shanghai opened in autumn 2010, the youngest of nine offices that now represent the Swiss Arts Council abroad. Its aim is to encourage dialogue between Swiss and Chinese cultural practitioners and institutions by supporting projects that enhance the exchange of knowledge and experience in the cultural field. Initially. Artist in Residency project is an important part of Swiss Art Council’s projects. The objective of the residencies is to stimulate creative and mutual exchange between artists from Switzerland and China. The artists are encouraged to develop their practice in a climate of cultural diversity.

Special Thanks

Pro Helvetia Shanghai




Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai

Weiwei Wang

Charlie Wang


Images by Charlie Wang & POL

View the performance on line click here 


Charlie Wang

Editor-in-Chief at Eliel Magazine

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