I Missed About Paris On A Chinese Valentine’s Day

Several days ago, it was the day what we called QIXI, traditional Chinese festival for the love birds. As a single man, I don’t really care about the day, but it reminds me the old and pretty memories in Paris I’ve taken pictures about “A faire pâlir tous les Marquis de Sade, A faire rougir les putains de la rade, A faire crier grâce à tous les échos, A faire trembler les murs de Jéricho.” — Je vais t’aimer.

12022337_743106922484171_1398164802354350620_oAs the sun goes down, the wind rises and the intimate lighting on Pont Alexandre III lights up, Paris becomes even more charming with the sensual sunset landing over the Seine. It’s true that I can romantically exaggerate to lengths when it comes this city I love so much. Even it was in the rain, three couples have had their wedding pictures taken, thus I firmly believed that Paris streets see more love stories than the churches.

06.09.2015 — Pont Alexandre III
06.09.2015 — Champ de Mars
19.09.2015 — Place Vendôme
I met Paris in Paris and I left Paris for Paris

The Chinese Valentine’s Day is none of my business, so I start to think about the girls impressed me in my life. Then she comes out. Now let’s talk about “Paris”. What I really wanna tell you is the girl I know whose last name is exactly the same as the “Pairs”, Coraline Paris.


12312140_773288199466043_22759602_n“I met Paris in Paris and I left Paris for Paris.” This is how my story starts…

– This is Tokyo?

– Oui.

From the beginning to the end, I have every confidence in what happened between Charlie and Coraline. There’re thousands of streets in Tokyo, and all shall be well, and Jack shall have Jill.

Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo

DSCF955820 years ago, they met for the first time in Paris, until the reunion at this moment, it is certainly in Tokyo.

When Coraline and Charlie were both living and working in Paris, they have been always keeping in touch and occasionally they meet to eat Japanese food.

If any of them could remember the first time Charlie saw Coraline, it should be on the Instagram. Then Charlie asked her to meet in front of l’Opéra metro station closer to the French arcade, where there was a Japanese cultural festival opened to the publics. The festival was held in a local shop and sold many traditional handicrafts with high expenses.

Coraline and Charlie were squeezed out from the crowded, then they went for dinner together. The winter in Paris was cold and dark even it has been called as the city of light. When they walking together, Charlie didn’t realize that the little girl beside me is actually an authentic French until he noticed Coraline wearing a pair of high heels that day.

Coraline told Charlie that she usually went to visit Tokyo in May, to see her girlfriend, Manon. This seemed to be a good news to Charlie, because Tokyo is closer to Shanghai, Charlie’s hometown. so they would get more chances to see each other even after Charlie went back to China.

Charlie left Paris one year later, and since then, he always looked for opportunities to return to Paris, or go to Japan to meet Coraline, but he had never seen her again in none of the cities. Both of them could’t find a common time for the vacation thus we called it “C’est la vie”.


Charlie Wang


屏幕快照 2017-07-05 02.59.18



Charlie Wang

Editor-in-Chief at Eliel Magazine

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