MiniMe Paris: When Disney Coloring The World

As Alice said: I would invite you to experience the resonance of MiniMe Monsters, a wholesomely chaotic combo featuring patches on jeans, poo on shirts, and faces on hats. The dissonance of loud tears and cheeky emoji will make you pleasantly incensed.

Mickey Mouse has the call to his fans all over the planet, besides, he owns a castle. When the street style has wrapped around the dream paradise, with the basic design that having garnered admirers, including Gigi Hadid , Charlie Wang Westwood and Elle Fanning those are his most accessible fans.

OS-MiniMe-006smOne day the castle was  unbelievable crowded that the party had to redirect on the streets or to be at the backstage of Paris Fashion Week. Designers like Jean-Charles de Castelbajac,most of whom have prospered in the fashion world by the time when they have partnered with Micky and his Disneyland friends.

I still remember the very first time I went to Disneyland Paris with Anastasia Karpachova. I felt myself getting to be smaller when we arrived, and precisely, from the emotional and psychological inside of me, I just feel back to the childhood where there was no Disneyland at all. So now it was time to make up for lost ground.

OS-MiniMe-003smWhen childlike kawaii elements have been spread daringly, conscientiously and dramatically, from Moschino and Ashley Williams to Balenciaga, as they could be serious contenders for the winner of whom has a wonderful childhood in secret. The evidence could be easily caught with cartoon characters have gone through from the backstage to the runway during the fashion week, thus certainly, they have developed a compatible period with the social mentality and the deep mentality inside the audience. People could figure out the creative form and method in those characters, or inadvertently find everything that is or will be popular among us.

There is in a appropriating blend towards cartoon and fashion, with one’s burgeoning love and preference; then the traditional fashion houses have showed the interpretation of a mountain of maybes in “Accidentism”. As the word implies: all forms are not consistent with consistency and planning. The purpose of its philosophy is embodied with a bold color, kitsch design, optimism and playful attitude, which happens to be what the world needs, and fortunately, where we have been deeply involved.

About Marie Marquet

The founder of MiniMe Paris, Marie Marquet , studied at the Ecole de la Chambre Syndical de la Couture Parisienne, has loved creating accessories and clothing. She is a big child fascinated by fairy tales, the imaginery, and pop surrealism, and she has worked at several « Grandes Maisons » including Hermes, Balmain, and Chanel.

In September 2014, MiniMe was presented to the first time at Première Classe. The brand developed quickly and in its second season launched a line of prêt à porter, and subsequently established a Parisian atelier « La Maison de MiniMe ».


Photo credits to

Charlie Wang

Editor-in-Chief at Eliel Magazine

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