Improvised Guitarist, Lost In Stars And Sunrise

IMG_3917Last time I have the chance to meet Wang at the performance of our museum project at MoCA Pavilion space, The Boundary, Audiovisual Interaction Mini-setting. Wang Wenwei and Yu Tian were invited to give a three-days performance to the public on the most fancy street in the center of Shanghai from  2016.09.09  to 2016.09.11.

It’s been 7 months since last time we had dinner together. And I was lucky enough to see him again at  the opening party of Off The Beaten Track at VIA Shanghai. Wang was invited by the curator,  Cui Baozhong, founder of VIA Paris. I did’t get a chance to talk with him till the end of his performance. We sat upstairs on the sofa and talked for a while.

bd315c6034a85edf45681e5649540923dc5475dbMany people from art industry know about Wang. They met him either in the theater, or in various art scenes. His significance is his traditional warrior’s hairstyle. It is not surprisingly to notice that his fans are not only including teenager girls, but also the older generation of the sixties who have been following the band Crystal Butterfly since 1998.

Wang is a local musician in Shanghai. His band, Crystal Butterfly was founded in June, 1998. He has been the guitarist in several well-known bands and published several albums. Since Wang set up his first band at young age, he has been recognized as China’s most distinctive guitarist with his distinctive way of playing and the iconic guitar sound, which is actually a complete improvisation with vivid colors and pictures. He has affected a group of young Chinese contemporary musicians with the music he created that bring all the people into his music world. It is worth to mention that after two decades of music career, Wang gradually formed his own new artistic concept through the playing and boldly broke through the tradition.

IMG_4622IMG_3881Ten years ago, Wang was the talented guitarist in the band Crystal Butterfly. Even later the band was disbanded, only he stayed in the music. He believed that his music has just begun in China. Though he has given away his house, living in the friend’s studio, this is the life he is enjoying.

Music seems like a long tunnel, each exit leads to a wonderful world. He is the master of electronic atmosphere maker, improvised guitarist and traveler, who is obsessed with stars and sunrise. He said, Look at the stars, that’s where you are alive.

IMG_4617IMG_4616IMG_3880After 2012, Wang and a group of artists cooperated in an improvised way to make he records and live performances. They paid attention to the moment among people’s emotional communication, in which he has gradually formed a new art group and let his own idea more mature.

I told him that previously at the museum, curator and I talked about a public event on our rooftop. The audience could see the sunrise while listening to Wang playing guitar. Wang was happy about the idea and he hope afterwards we came up the opportunity to achieve.

Wang knows how he is doing now, and he also knows what he will eventually be.


Charlie Wang

Editor-in-Chief at Eliel Magazine

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