After Sunset, Those Light Installations At MoCA Pavilion

IMG_3729There are some nostalgia feelings in me recently. Especially after I watched Lost In Translation again, I saw the neon flashing and those cities looked all familiar in lights. Perhaps it is a common similarity of big cities. As I am a loyal fan and former employee to Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, I put on the opening on the schedule, After Sunset …… It could be a fantasy light ceremony so that whole week I was full of expectations.

IMG_3627IMG_3625On 22nd April, I watched Fast and Fusion 8 near People’s Square. The moment when I came out the cinema, I felt so passionate just like lost myself in Redbulls. And to be clear, the Australian Redbull, because the local one never worked on me. Since I haven’t been to MoCA for a long while to see my old colleagues, I ranked the very first place waiting outside the exhibition at 3 pm. Just like Le Petit Prince, Si tu viens à quatre heures de l’après-midi, dès trois heures je commencerai d’être heureux. 

IMG_3629MoCA Pavilion project invited the contemporary art project planning group Xⁿ Office, who has brought the largest number of participants in MoCA Pavilion project – “After Sunset …”, which is also the first issue of  + Follow +  project in 2017.

+ Follow + project originally started in 2010, MoCA contentiously focusing on the development of young Chinese artists . After several years precipitation and practice, those youngest generation artists have caught our attention again at the wave of Chinese contemporary art swing moment.

The works from 33 artists were placed in the pavilion, different light sources with various of color temperature, brightness, material lighting devices mixed in each other’s digestion , which resonating with each other to form an unknown three-dimensional scene. And we all believe that this is bound to be an exhibition that will lead to a lot of discussions.

IMG_3631IMG_3633IMG_3645The lighting installations are placed separately in an empty room, and combining with the surrounding illuminated space to form an experiential light-emitting device.

Through the inventive way of exhibition, we may think about when the light works came out of the museum halls, would it become more diverse without the art labels in the museum? When dozens of light devices gathered in a space at the same time, what would it impress the audience?

Chen Yujun, Chen Yufan, Cheng Ran, Christophe Demaitre, Guo Ke, Gao lei, Golnaz Fathi, Hu Renyi, Huang Lei, Li JingXiong, Li Qing, Liao Fei, Lin Qing, Liu Wa, Liu Yue, Liu Zhuoquan, Lu Chao, Ni Youyu, Qi Lei, Shang Yixin, Song Dong, Tong Yixin, Wang Yi, Wu Di, Wu Juehui, Xu Wenkai,Yang Mushi, Yang Xinguang, Yu Ying, Zhang Ding, Zhang Jiaxing, Zhou Yilun, Zhu Xi

IMG_3637IMG_3643IMG_3658MoCA Pavilion is a brand new art space of Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai and was open to public in 2015. The mission of MoCA Pavilion is, by presenting a series of artistic projects, to support young artists and focus on new trends of arts and encourage innovation in contemporary art. At the same time, it can be one of our tryouts to create a unique and welcoming environment in which visitors can discover and explore the works of contemporary artists.


Photos by Charlie Wang, 2017.04.22

Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, MoCA Pavilion

Charlie Wang

Editor-in-Chief at Eliel Magazine

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