Blonde On Blonde, This Was The Journey In Kiev (I)

IMG_4354The very first time I saw them, I was panic. That was the summer of 2013. To be correct, the day in July, I arrived alone in Kiev where people gave the name, “Blonde on Blonde”, and that’s how I met my quite mixed family.

Even I enjoyed adventure, I did have a normal student life in Shanghai over my teenage. The farthest place I went so far was studying in Taiwan for half year. I wanna go far away, so I chose to fly for Eastern Europe.

I was extremely anxious when I landed. I had no idea about what people were talking, either they said Ukrainian or Russian. I felt myself like a fool. About 20 hours ago, I still worked in the Judicial Office with my director. At this moment I felt so lost, the English I heard around is far beyond to understand.

I think I was cheated to be here. Where’s the blonde?

Well, it was the prejudice when I just got off the plane.

Many tourists were fascinated by the legendary love tunnel in Klevan, but I asked the locals, they didn’t know that accompaniment.


Those fantasies from people’s sayings, 

I couldn’t believe till I was right there.

Well, I officially announced that I arrived in Kiev. 10 o’clock in the morning, I was not very happy, because I did not eat rice, did not sleep. Before the landing, I was worried about the customs, as I heard some certain people were said to be very targeted. Luckily, everything was fine.

Grabbed my luggages, I went out desperately and looked for money exchange. I felt it so bad that there are very few signs for directions and the question desk was empty.

Fortunately, I noticed Ana, a girl with a violin on her back who was also encountered in Istanbul caught my eyes.

We were on the same flight, then on the same Sky Bus to Kiev Railway Station. I asked if I could sit beside her so she might tell something about this unknown city for me.

Later I know Ana was a violinist and she played in a band which had a tour in China. She’s now studying in Turkey and this time she came back to meet friends. It was a very nice 40 minutes bus trip I’ve ever had abroad. After getting off the bus, we exchanged numbers then Ana left for the metro station.

Everything seems old as contrast to the urban construction in Shanghai. I saw old guys were feeding pigeons, eating ice-creams, or driving their tiny “TAXI” cars……And I stood still there at the bus stop to wait for a certain one to pick me up.


One hour later, Oksana showed up and she brought me to the apartment. The moment when I entered the room, I was shocked by the hell no way there’re so many people inside.

Whatever! We were all the foreigners to this city, so what!

The weather was cool, so the group decided to go for sightseeing in the center. There were few Ukrainian on the bus, so we started to sing and take pictures out of control .

We went to the park and beach, we ate Ukrainian food , stared at those Ukrainian people on the metro. We had a saying among us, “We saw Ukrainian faces everywhere, so serious , we felt weird but really funny.”

Later we went to Maidan Station and waited for Elena, another group of blonde Ukrainian team members in Kiev. We played a game which named Ninja, till midnight then we went back home, Solomianskiy.

It was also Asilur’s birthday from the team, so we enjoyed a valuable shopping time in the supermarket downstairs, and of course we had all kinds of drinks. And at the meanwhile, others made Ukrainian pie in the kitchen, pasta and so on.

The nightlife was wild. I keep opening my eyes for about 45 hours on the way here made me really exhausted. I went into a room and slept. In the early morning, I was waken up by Cassio and Nitin.


I got up and took a shower. In the kitchen, Natalia didn’t sleep and she was making pie while some other guys smoking there.

Because here had no more free place to sleep, the ground was covered with sleepy babies everywhere. Our apartment was truly spacious. But when 25 people crashed in together, to have a bed was unexpectedly contented.

The second night, as usual, the living room, balcony, bedroom, had been overwhelming with bodies. We were sitting in the kitchen and chatting till 6 o’clock in the morning when people got up and bought food in the supermarket downstairs, I went to the living room and slept on the floor. Could you ever believe me? I had a blanket.

We complained all the time, yelling WTF words. And we got retribution very soon. Our neighbors couldn’t stand us any more with  the hustle and bustle from our glissade dance and crazy music every night, so they push the alarm. The police came to find us three times in a week. The first fine of 200 dollars, the second was 50 dollars, and the third time, I forgot how much we paid.

But the strange things happened, the police never came again, perhaps we changed and no longer be noisy, but it must be lying to you. We were still like what we did before. So neighbors began to send us vegetables and fruits, they thought we could be bribed.

(Chapter II is coming soon….. Love all of you)


Charlie Wang

Editor-in-Chief at Eliel Magazine

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