Lola Quivoron

I am always fascinated by independent short films. And last November, I was lucky enough to meet with French director Lola Quivoron, whose film,  Son of the Wolf was nominated for the award European Short Film 2015.

Lola Quivoron was born in Paris. In 2012, she entered the Film Directing Department at La Fémis. She also practices photography. They Love Rock Songs (Paris Psyche Fest 2016) is my favorite work of Lola, each of the photograph seems like a film scene that telling you the story behind.屏幕快照 2017-04-26 21.58.03屏幕快照 2017-04-26 21.58.25But she is well-known for Son of the Wolf (France 2015). The film tells the story, between the walls of an ancient military fort, Johnny, a young boy, learns how to train and dominate Iron, his first guard dog. Lola told me about the story she read in Jack London’s Love of Life, and suddenly I understand why she directed this film.

12140212_1713936522151663_6271051889916589938_o14249715_1826236070921707_9008149560531370333_o14257626_1826236277588353_7768780863888144734_o12973410_1772191372992844_2364622769552962948_o12109759_1716842718527710_2524563307622022671_o11217998_1696314263913889_7869031785092384249_o11119983_1690347881177194_3091529745117108146_oThe European Film Academy (EFA) and the Locarno International Film Festival congratulate: Son of the Wolf (Fils du loup) by Lola Quivoron, France 2015, fiction, 23’

An here is the jury statement: “For telling an original and strong story and for its visual impact,  always close to the narration and to the character. For its beautiful and mature direction that binds us constantly to the mood of the protagonist and to his progressive changes that we live with him with his own emotional strain. A short film that is a little gem that remains in the memory of those who see it. The Locarno short film nominee for the European Film Awards – Pianifica Prize goes to Fils du Loup, by Lola Quivoron.”

IMG_3778And at the beginning of this year, I saw another film of lola, “DREAMING OF BALTIMORE / AU LOIN, BALTIMORE ”(2016) and she did catch me there!



Charlie Wang

Editor-in-Chief at Eliel Magazine

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