Tucho: East, West, Tradition, Modernity And Surprises

A glass of sangria, embracing the love of the whole summer, maybe I should also have been looking forward to something.

Sangria always reminds me the old times in Barcelona. To many people, Barcelona’s first impression is from the love comedy movie directed by Woody Allen, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, leading by Scarlett Johansson, Rebecca Hall and Javier Baden. It describes the most wonderful Spanish night scene in the guitar rhythm and surround by the fantasy Gaudi buildings. The Spanish red wine boasts its crimson color, just like a passionate Spanish girl in a wild red Flamenco dress.

Well, this is all my Spanish affair.

Previously, I met the Spanish designer, Tucho Iglesias, in ArtCN Gallery, and thus contributed to the Wednesday night reunion at The Little Weekends party held in CHAI Living. Tucho believes this party can not only gather a lot of old friends, but also attract more new friends to join.

The name “CHAI” comes from an Asian tea that blends many flavors into a harmonious whole, illustrating the brand’s core concept: the mix of East, West, tradition, modernity and surprises.

After meeting new friends at CHAI Living, Tucho introduced me his furniture design and a tiny theme exhibition likely to the “Moon And Space” , the atmosphere created by the colorful lights and installations kindly brought me to the future space.



Then I had the fortune to visit CHAI Living Residences along Suzhou Creek, on the 6F in Embankment Building. The retro red wood door is about 3 meters high. The moment when you opened it, it seemed to push the door to another world. Walking inside the residence, I saw at the art piece from the French painter, Christian de Laubadere, as well as other art collections from various artists in the world.

屏幕快照 2017-04-20 10.58.48Tucho said, he wants people who live here to fall in love with this home with the time flies. Because people may start to feel amazing but will soon be tired if the design caught their eyes with a prominent shape.

He hopes people would discover the various surprising details in every corner and think about them from different perspectives. And then with the love to this home, they can create their own details of lovely life here.

屏幕快照 2017-04-21 15.44.43 lADOwTNW980HpM0MwA_3264_1956Talking about Embankment Building, the locals know well about it. As a 1935 Art Deco landmark. The famed real estate magnate, Sir Victor Sassoon built the Embankment Building during Shanghai’s antebellum heyday. While the others glittered their ways through the ages, the more subtle Embankment Building fell into the passing shadows of time.

Tucho Iglesias founded CHAI Living Residences in Shanghai. The design style combines Spanish passion with new oriental aesthetics. Tucho is not interested in the new building interior design. Because the old building  is more charm and more worth to transform, and ultimately to create a more far-reaching, more mysterious, more heritage things.

Tucho draws his inspirations from a passion for Art, antiques and culture making his designs aesthetically pleasing and meaningful. He often received “souvenirs” from his like-minded friends. Once he received the world’s most delicate sand from the desert of Lebanon, and later the sand became his interior design inspiration.

屏幕快照 2017-04-20 11.00.36屏幕快照 2017-04-20 10.57.57This is a dream home for most of people, unlike some of the rooms looked very magnificent but you will get bored soon. Here is so different. Each residence is endowed with original creations and antiques. With the stunning views of the futuristic Pudong skyline and picturesque Suzhou Creek, it blends creativity, culture, and sophistication with the building’s unique legacy. Live with the locals, and celebrate a moveable feast.

Melting in sangria, feeling at home.


Photos from CHAI Living & Charlie Wang

Charlie Wang

Editor-in-Chief at Eliel Magazine

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