Adriaan Rees And His Beloved Land Of China at ArtCN Gallery

In this April, ArtCN Gallery, in cooperation with the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is pleased to present “Hidden Sceneries – Floating Memories”, a unique exhibition that brings together for the first time the work of Brigitte Spiegeler and Adriaan Rees.

When I returned to ArtCN last night, Adriaan Rees’s work attracted my attention. Those mountains in front of the entrance have brought me back to the old times walking on the Great Wall.

lADOvqvsWs0B4s0C7g_750_482Rees’ s work, « This is my Land – II »  brings the viewer back and forth along an 11 meter straight line of separated mountain shaped ceramic sculptures. With each sculpture, the contrast strikes between the rough and coarse sides and the smooth front and back of the plane surfaces that show delicately painted sceneries of China. This series of sculptures with their deliberately contrasted appearance could resemble jade that if not skillfully carved and polished could show a similarly unrefined texture.

Its precious luster symbolizes beauty and virtue in traditional Chinese culture, a trait Rees wished to focus on while treating ceramics with pure emotion. The sceneries are not fully revealed but rather slightly hidden, thereby drawing the viewer into the space between each aperture, capturing like in a photograph the silent moment of China.

The work of Adriaan Rees opens up to a whole new dialogue between time and space.  The artist from Amsterdam spent nearly two decades in Jingdezhen – former capital of Chinese ceramics – and made clay the prime vector of his perception of East and West.

lADOvqvsWc0B4s0C7g_750_482Rees plays with the material and leads the viewer to rethink the intrinsic values and connections between men and earth and life itself. And Rees’ opening speech was very funny. He said, if you come close to me asking my artistic inspiration of the work, if you stand close enough to me, then I will probably touch you just like I touch the stone. All because of my professional habits during the creation. 


The work of Brigitte Spieler at the meanwhile


Photograph by Charlie Wang

About ArtCN 

photoThe gallery was officially launched in Shanghai in 2012 under its full name “Anne Cecile Noique ART” following a 10 years experience in the art scene. The vision of ArtCN gallery is to create a cross-cultural platform through art. We accomplish this through building a strong connection with both Chinese and foreign artists underlined with our expertise in Chinese contemporary art. The gallery holds solo and group exhibitions of artists who have absorbed and reinterpreted elements from their native and adoptive countries creating a unique dialogue between Chinese and foreign cultures.

ArtCN gallery is located along the Suzhou Creek, inside the former Foo Sing Flour Mills, designed by Atkinson & Dallas in 1912. The masonry building belonged to the Rong brothers, famous entrepreneurs who shone in the golden days of flour and cotton trade. It was listed as “Heritage Architecture” in 2005 by the Shanghai Municipal Government.

Charlie Wang

Editor-in-Chief at Eliel Magazine

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