BACARDÍ Collaborated With The Dean Collection Announced “No Commission”

It’s Friday evening, I got a media invitation from BACARDÍ.

No Commission kicked off the crowd on April 7th – 9th in Shanghai Exhibition Center. There’s no doubt that the next station would be Berlin, and then would return to a perfect curtain call at Miami Basel Art Exhibition where was the origin of the show .

lADOu9tpzs0Ek80F7g_1518_1171“Began with art, devoted to art, and leave art to the people.” It is such a great creative platform for the new generation of popular artists to display their inspirations and works.

No Commission is co-sponsored by the famous Grammy award-winning music producer, Swizz Beatz, who is also known as a cross-border artist and the founder of the Dean Collection.

The activities combined with modern art and linked art practitioners and art patrons with a direct communication set. Since No Commission launched in 2015, it had a subversive impact in the art world and provided a global stage for the well-known artists and emerging artists to express themselves, and the sales proceeds of each artwork would be obtained by the artist.

lADOu9W8os0HM80JkA_2448_1843BACARDÍ has brought the full vitality into the traditional art exhibitions. The fascinating music show in the scene created an unique style of artistic experience for the audience.

Zara Mirza said, BACARDÍ is very pleased to have the opportunity to show No Commission to the audience around the world. No Commission is not just defined as a simple activity, it is a kind of cultural revolution. If BACARDÍ wants to create a real influence on the culture, it must be integrated into it and become a part of it.

lADOu9W8ms0HLM0JkA_2448_1836So BACARDÍ today brought not only music and cocktails, but also a platform that influences human thought and brings energy which would bring a change in people’s lives.

The concept of No Commission show in Shanghai is about the digital future.

WechatIMG2With the Internet and virtual space mixed into people’s lives, contemporary art and advanced digital technology came to be the perfect fusion, thus giving birth to a new generation of new media artists in China.

They have showed a strong contrast between emerging art and traditional art, and also they created a combination of music and art into a new art form, which made visitors had the feeling in the collision of art and music, technology and narrative of the blend, immersion and exploration of integration. Thus they’ve seen the future appearance.

lADOu9tp7s0Jac0MjQ_3213_2409I felt so lucky to met some of the artists before and  had the opportunities to worked with them on some certain art projects and exhibitions. The artists who participated in No Commission Shanghai included AaaJiao, Cui Jie, Ben Jones, Lin Ke, Wang Newone, Li Tingwei, Saya Woolfalk, Tian Xiao Lei, Wang Yi, Miao Ying, Lu Yang.

We are old friends and glad to see you again!

Charlie Wang

Editor-in-Chief at Eliel Magazine

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