A Bit Of Discontent In The Real Charlie

I am not a quiet person. Most of the time I am complaining about the boring life in Shanghai, because it is not such a kind of life that makes me feel full of passion and somehow make people jealous about the rogue-like life time in Paris.

lADOu0H7Dc0C7s0EZg_1126_750 Rush for Love, Pont Alexandre III          Photograph 2015 CW  

In 2016, I had just returned to Shanghai and restarted my work in the art museum where I enjoyed coordinating exhibitions and planning educational programs. Since Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai is familiar among the tourists and locals so it attracted quite a lot foreign visitors, especially the French people.

Compared with the artist, the general visitors have become my greatest source of inspiration. For example, many people are found touching the art works during my inspection in the exhibiting hall, so it inspired me to do something.

IMG_2968 Hi / No          Installation 2016 CW

With the continuous renewing art projects at MoCA Pavilion, it attracts many foreign resident artists to take local artistic practice here. Fortunately, with the support of Pro Helvetia and MoCA Shanghai, Swiss artist POL and Chinese sound artist Banbanbanban performed a live soundtrack show named DryHope x Dunhuang Chart, at the meantime, as the chief planner of this amazing performance, I am responsible for a live installation at the scene. The candlelight is regarded as a medium. Each candle has a different taste, and each of the taste corresponds to sound installation made by POL which consists of 30 different sources of the sound inspired by the Dunhuang Celestial Chart, the oldest map of the stars discovered in the world.

Late-ly-未晚Lately          Installation 2016 CW

During the second stage of MoCA Young Artist project, I appreciated to have the opportunity to work on the solo project “This Coming Summer Is Already Gone”, created by two french residence Chinese artists, Hao JingFang & Wang Lingjie. As the curation recorder, my personal piece also came out.

12345Yet Summer          Photograph 2016  CW

There are countless encounters in life. Once, I held a drama performance in Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai (MoCA), I met with Ai Jing, who graduated from Waseda University in Japan, then she worked in the art industry in Shanghai. She swept my art career with personal charming. Once she would go to a Halloween party without any make ups, so our common friend, Artist Gong Ze, used lipstick and eye shadow to paint on Ai Jing at KFC. The finale, A Tribute to David Bowie. It was 9 PM by that time, MoCA has been closed, We quietly sneaked into my office and started photoshooting for a long time.

IMG_5483Save Your Card          Photograph 2016 CW

The love for the museum has never changed. During my stay in Paris. I always went to Musée de l’orangerie, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Fondation Pierre Bergé Yves Saint Laurent , Palais de Tokyo, Centre Pompidou…… I’ve seen the world art in Pairs so the empty heart has been fulfilled and completed. I started to collect paintings from 1950s to 1990s from not famous artists based on the price discount. Shipped from abroad to China and then I sent them to my friends for professional reparation.

IMG_2967A Girl          Photograph  2017  CW   

lADOu0H66M0DpM0C7g_750_932If You Smile         Photograph  2017 CW   

Earlier this year, I decided to return to fashion circles and started to look for a position. Now I am still a fashion editor, but more like an independent curator in the fashion scene, I wish I can finally make out something after years. After all, Art is salvation, intimate joy, even in suffering, life, a fight, until death. Some time ago I was busy doing exhibitions, so I just missed Tokyo Fashion Week and Seoul Fashion Week. No Regrets. My desk was piled up by the magazines I love, System, Assistant, AnOther, InStyle UK, CR Fashion Book, Violet……

By the end of March, we completed a new shooting for April “Retro”,Yulian Antukh is really charming. He used to go for big shows like Fendi, Dior, Valentino, Raf Simons, Patrick Ervell…… For the shooting, we had RTW and accessories from Valentino, Versace, Gucci, Cartier, Yves Saint Laurent …… Someone said the scene came out to be a modern Romeo and Juliet, also like another Roman holiday. When you blessed the day……

WechatIMG3WechatIMG2WechatIMG8The Borrow And The Return Series         Photograph  2017 CW 

Two days ago I went to Alibaba to do fashion trends wall decorations. After the tin foil covers the wall, I started the creation of used materials.

lADOuyeSSs0JkM0MwA_3264_2448Knockers          Installation  2017 CW

lADOuyeSRM0JkM0MwA_3264_2448Silver Shadow          Installation  2017 CW

lADOuyeSUM0JkM0MwA_3264_2448Clouds          Photograph 2017 CW   

IMG_2944Location: Jing’an District, Shanghai
Shirt: Sandro
Blazer: Chanel
Shoes: Adidas
Cap: NBA
Scarf: Acne Studios
Eyewear: Tom Ford
Face: Charlie Wang  (Instagram @cw.charliewang)


我不是一个安静的人。有的时候,抱怨在上海的生活太无聊,不如在巴黎时充满着热情与无赖般的令人嫉妒的生活。( “为爱 * 亚历山大三世桥” 摄影 2015 CW)

去年刚回到上海,重返艺术馆的工作。不论是做展览还是策划教育活动,都非常充实。因为人们都知道上海当代艺术馆,外国参观者居多,尤其是法国人。相比和艺术家在一起,参观者反而成为了我最大的灵感源泉。比如,巡场时发现很多人依旧会去触碰作品,所以每次都要去劝告,由此产生灵感。(“Hi / No” 装置 2016 CW)

随着艺术亭台项目的更新,不断有驻留艺术家在MoCA 进行艺术实践。有幸与瑞士文化基金会合作,与瑞士艺术家 POL , 中国艺术家 Banbanbanban 一起做了一场表演。我负责了现场的一件装置作品。以现实的烛光为媒介,每一个蜡烛都有不同的味道。而每一个味道又对应了POL 的声音装置的声音,其受到了敦煌图的启发。(“未晚”  装置 2016  CW)

负责协助艺术亭台展览期间,有幸认识了旅法华人艺术家王令杰,郝经芳。作为策展助理完成了“我们正在经历的这个夏天是过去的夏天”项目,开幕当天,我也完成了展览记录作品。(“流沙花瓣” 摄影 2016 CW)

人生有无数次偶遇。有一次,我在艺术馆举办话剧活动,认识了毕业于日本知名的早稻田大学的艾婧,像魔女一样席卷了我的艺术生涯。万圣节舞会,我们的共同好友,艺术家龚泽用口红和眼影给艾婧化了妆,致敬David Bowie。 然后晚上九点在艺术馆关门熄灯以后,我们悄悄的潜入,摆拍了很久。(“不丢弃的卡片” 摄影 2016 CW)

对于艺术馆的喜爱我从未改变。旅居巴黎期间,最爱橘园美术馆,皮埃尔-博格-圣罗兰基金会, 巴黎近现代博物馆,东京宫,蓬皮杜艺术中心。在巴黎看到的艺术世界是不一样的风貌,但是感觉很完整。今年伊始,陆陆续续收集起1950 - 1990 期间的画作。因为并非出自名家,价格上也有优惠,从国外寄到中国,再送去给专业的朋友修复。(“女孩” 摄影 2017 CW   “如果微笑” 摄影 2017 CW)

今年年初,决定重返时尚圈。于是开始投简历。现在依旧是时装编辑,也是时尚策划人,希望若干年后,有所作为。毕竟 “艺术是一种救赎,一种内心的欢愉,哪怕是在苦难中。这就是生活,一场至死方休的战斗。” 前一段时间忙着做时尚展览,因而错过了东京时装周和首尔时装周。此刻办公桌上,我一个人敲着键盘,有我最爱的杂志, System,Assistant,AnOther,InStyle UK,CR Fashion Book,Violet ……

3月末期完成了新片的拍摄,“复古”。模特 Yulian Antukh 很帅气。之前走过很多场大秀, Fendi,Dior,Valentino,Raf Simons,Patrick Ervel ….. 现场搭配的衣服与配饰有 Valentino,Versace,Gucci,Cartier,Yves Saint Laurent …… 有人告诉我,出片有些像现代版罗密欧与朱丽叶,也像另一个罗马假日。这应该是幸福的一天。(“借与还系列” 摄影 2017 CW)

前两天我去阿里巴巴做时尚趋势的装饰墙。锡箔纸覆盖住墙面后,我就开始了废物利用的创作故事。( “叩问” 装置 2017 CW   “银织素花” 装置  2017 CW   “彩云” 摄影  2017 CW)

Charlie Wang

Editor-in-Chief at Eliel Magazine

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