When E-commerce Platform Applying for A Pop-up Fashion Exhibition In The Art Museum

There is no way back for me now.
I’m going to take you on journeys you’ve never dreamed were possible.

Alexander McQueen

This is certainly a wise move. Coincided with the International Women’s Day, echoed the theme of women’s rights, and located in the Power Station of Art where is showing Shanghai Biennale, It’s self-evident that Relaxed Nature, Tmall Fashion – Style More SS17 Showroom has become part of the Biennale which caught a lot of attention from the public audience.And it is a bold attempt for such an e-commerce platform to apply an off-line exhibition and combined with the trend, “See now Buy Now”.

Zola’s novel depicts, the sun shines on the white skirt; the shadows of the trees turning everything into the gray. There is no more wonderful than this. As if the white skirt was divided into 2 parts by shadows and sunshine. Everything is natural and clear. No matter how the world changes, when you touch the screen, there are days with Tmall always lightening your life.

The Impressionists faced harsh opposition from the conventional art community in France in the 1960s. The poet Charles Pierre Baudelaire appreciated one of Edouard Manet’s work, Music in the Tuileries Gardens which was showed in 1862 that has a kind of decisive style for the existence of modernity. This piece is one of the earliest paintings depicting contemporary recreational scenes, which are clear enough to embody the impression that the Impressionist genre is extremely keen on the natural landscape and their feelings of nature.

Installation by Charlie WANG

Yet, we live in the modern steel forest, suffering from the outside world and the different degree of oppression, such as urban congestion, environmental pollution, depression, sub-health, women’s rights and other issues. While everything is still worth to change, we encourage people to return to nature and find the original soul, to gather enough love and courage and face all the unknown.

This exhibition has set the scene in the nature. With full of respect, through Concept Art, Decorative Art and other means to show the vivid world around us from the nature. At the same time, leading us back to the origin and exploring the meaning of life in the forest. Everything has its own unique biological law to follow, and human being is included. Especially the modern women, they are free and independent, constantly expressing the desire and aspirations, redefining their individual existence, and thus to shape a new world of women.

You cannot help but think of the ancient using the spinning when you saw the branches full of cotton. Wool, hemp, cotton, and silk are generally used to weave a variety of complex patterns with jacquard fabric. In that era, every piece of clothing is well designed; each needle embroidery is exquisite gorgeous; every piece of clothing is unique hand custom. However, enlightened people are not that lucky. We are wrapped by intricate cables and sometimes unable to move. However, we are still lucky.

The contemporary technological revolution since the 1930s and 1940s has led to the rise of a number of emerging technologies. With optical fiber technology innovation, even if we are unable to move, even we are in the local rotation, as long as you click on the screen, you can enjoy everything related to fashion trends and services wherever you are.

Exhibition Scene
Exhibition Preview
Concept: Systematical Garden

And in the future, artificial intelligence algorithm will not only forecast fashion trends, but also directly affect the brand’s product design. With the application of AI algorithm to provide data support in the new product development, the brand’s new structure will be optimized to some extent.

TMALL Fashion Showroom is not only a visual feast but also it shows the smart application of large data algorithm. The showroom has collected through 50 million consumers’ online shopping carts data, and then sum up with 4 mainstream consumer trends. Presented with latest Spring/Summer collection of fashion brands at www.tmall.com .

However, all this is just a start.

Model: LIU Xinjie, Photo: Charlie WANG
Model: LIU Xinjie, Photo: Charlie WANG

Participating Brands:
CHOW TAI FOOK , Daniel Wellington , Dissona, INMIX, Lee, Levis, ManiFrom, Meacheal, mei.com, Stella Luna, URBAN REVIVO

Special Project:
Alexander McQueen, Coliac, Comme des Garcons, Dior Homme, Gucci, Moschino, Saint Laurent Paris, Stella McCartney By MEI.COM

2017.03.11 – 2017.03.12

Zhongcao TV presented, CEO Vincent Sun, In-house Curator Charlie Wang
Supported by TMALL FASHION, Editorial Department, Alibaba Group
Special thanks to Power Station of Art Shanghai

Charlie Wang

Editor-in-Chief at Eliel Magazine

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